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Alfred Adderly. SAG-AFTRA.

Stats: 6’2”
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Willing to travel


The Fosters             Co-Star      Freeform (dir. Kelli Williams)

Girlfriends Guide To Divorce   Co-Star     Bravo (dir. Steven Tsuchida)

Criminal Minds      Co-Star (r.) CBS/ (dir. Various)

Superstore            Co-Star     NBC/ (dir. Victor Nelli Jr.)

NCIS: Los Angeles   Co-Star     CBS/ (dir. Diana C. Valentine)

Shameless             Co-Star     Showtime (dir. Allison Liddy-Brown)

Bizardvaark           Co-Star     Disney ( dir Sean Mulcahy)

All Stars               Co-Star     ABC (dir. Alex Hardcastle)

Fresh Off the Boat    Co-Star     ABC (dir. Max Winkler)

Awkward.              Co-Star     MTV (dir. Uta Briesewitz)

Bones                   Co-Star     FOX (dir. Jeannot Szwarc)

Sam & Cat             Co-Star     Nickelodeon (dir. Steve Hoefer)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Co-Star (r.) ABC/ Jackhole Ind (dir. Various)

General Hospital      Co-Star     ABC (dir. Scott McKinsey)

CSI Miami              Featured   CBS (dir. David Grossman)



Br. Portuguese


  • Capoeira

  • Tae Kwon Do

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Teleprompter

  • Security Guard, Bouncer

  • Poker, and Outdoorsman


Killing Hasselhoff          Supporting             Lotus Pictures (dir. Darren Grant)  

Love and a Lug Wrench   Supporting             Über Content (dir. Jeffrey Fleisig)

Tentacle 8                    Supporting             Hip Island (dir. John Chi)

A .45 at 50th (w/James Cromwell)  Lead(Tri-Be Ca film festival)   Independent (dir. John Cromwell)

Mounting                     Lead                     Independent (dir. Eric Soth)

Happy Birthday Maggie    Lead                     Lazy Lady (dir. Ivotres Littles)

Dreams Come True          Lead                     Independent (dir. Mike Sarrow)

Freed Soul                    Lead                     Independent (dir. Craig Shamburg)


The Defiant Ones              Noah Cullen             Beverly Hills Playhouse (L.A.)

Christmas Courage            James                    The Camarillo (L.A.)

Lone Star                       Ray                       The Laboratory (Miami)

Whose Life Is It Anyway     John                      Center Stage (Nova Scotia, CAN)

Training & Workshops

Acting: Stan Kirsch, Amy Lyndon (Booking Technique), Beverly Hills Playhouse w/Art Cohan,

Margie Haber Studio w/Courtney Burr, Dallas Travers, Connie Cooper, Brian Reise, Lori Wyman    

Comedy/Improv:  Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), Groundlings w/Kevin Berntson (Improv)      

Commercial: Killian McHugh, Stuart K. Robinson, Craig Colvin

Dialects:      Jamaican, Southern, Brooklyn

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