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Alfred Adderly.

Stats: 6’2”
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Willing to travel


Br. Portuguese



Tae Kwon Do

Motivational Speaker


Security Guard, Bouncer

Poker, and Outdoorsman



Killing Hasselhoff  /  Supporting

Lotus Pictures (dir. Darren Grant)  

Love and a Lug Wrench  /  Supporting 

 Über Content (dir. Jeffrey Fleisig)

Tentacle 8  /  Supporting 

Hip Island (dir. John Chi)

A .45 at 50th (w/James Cromwell)

 Lead(Tri-Be Ca film festival) 

 Independent (dir. John Cromwell)

Mounting  /  Lead

Independent (dir. Eric Soth)

Happy Birthday Maggie  /  Lead 

Lazy Lady (dir. Ivotres Littles)

Dreams Come True  /  Lead

Independent (dir. Mike Sarrow)

Freed Soul   /   Lead

Independent (dir. Craig Shamburg)


The Defiant Ones  /  Noah Cullen

Beverly Hills Playhouse (L.A.)

Christmas Courage  /  James

The Camarillo (L.A.)

Lone Star  /  Ray 

The Laboratory (Miami)

Whose Life Is It Anyway  /  John

Center Stage (Nova Scotia, CAN)



The Fosters  /  Co-Star

Freeform (dir. Kelli Williams)

Girlfriends Guide To Divorce  /  Co-Star

Bravo (dir. Steven Tsuchida)

Criminal Minds  /  Co-Star (r.)

CBS/ (dir. Various)

Superstore  /  Co-Star

NBC/ (dir. Victor Nelli Jr.)

NCIS: Los Angeles  /  Co-Star

CBS/ (dir. Diana C. Valentine)

Shameless  /  Co-Star

Showtime (dir. Allison Liddy-Brown)

Bizardvaark  /  Co-Star

Disney ( dir Sean Mulcahy)

All Stars   /  Co-Star

ABC (dir. Alex Hardcastle)

Fresh Off the Boat  /  Co-Star

ABC (dir. Max Winkler)

Awkward  /  Co-Star

MTV (dir. Uta Briesewitz)

Bones  /  Co-Star

FOX (dir. Jeannot Szwarc)

Sam & Cat  /  Co-Star

Nickelodeon (dir. Steve Hoefer)

Jimmy Kimmel Live!  /   Co-Star (r.)

ABC/ Jackhole Ind (dir. Various)

General Hospital  /  Co-Star

ABC (dir. Scott McKinsey)

CSI Miami   /  Featured

CBS (dir. David Grossman)

Training & Workshops

Acting: Stan Kirsch, Amy Lyndon (Booking Technique), Beverly Hills Playhouse w/Art Cohan,

Margie Haber Studio w/Courtney Burr, Dallas Travers, Connie Cooper, Brian Reise, Lori Wyman    

Comedy/Improv:  Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), Groundlings w/Kevin Berntson (Improv)      

Commercial: Killian McHugh, Stuart K. Robinson, Craig Colvin

Dialects:      Jamaican, Southern, Brooklyn

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